Server Backup

Backup is a strategic and methodical process used to copy and ultimately recover data efficiently. It is also used to ensure your organization's data is available on a daily and operational basis.


The data center has evolved considerably in the last few years. The explosion of storage growth, the rise of business analytics, and the wide adoption of virtualization and cloud across environment has forced backup solutions to continue to advance in order to keep pace.

Backup solutions now account for the fact that data on a virtual machine could be moving across multiple physical hosts. The rise of disk-based backup solutions tracked directly with the exponential data storage growth. Tape was no longer a viable option in many environments as a primary backup option. Backup solutions allow for long distance replication to offsite locations for cloud environments. 


Consistent availability of data

Reduce Storage Costs

Protection from financial loss

Improved operation efficiency

Increase staff productivity


The value of your data and the financial operational impact to your business if it were unavailable for a period of time


Your recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO)

Current data storage capacity and related expenses.

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