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CMS Enterprise Connect

About Us

CMS Enterprise Connect has been established to bring the very best, value-enhanced, discounted products, and quality service to our customers.  We have access to many name brands products of Digital Cameras & Camcorders, Telephones, Computer Hardware & Software, DVD Recorders & Players, Portable DVD Players, Notebook Computers & Notebook PC Tables, Plasma & LCD Television, CD-R & CD-RW writers, to name a few.  Huge selections of the products in CMS Enterprise Connect store have anywhere from 10 - 70% below the suggested retail price.

At CMS Enterprise Connect the policy is always, "Customer First" an ongoing commitment, providing you with unparalleled customer support, and a store-wide philosophy to ensure our customers remain our number one priority.  The goal is simple:  "to provide merchandise to our customers at a low discount price and shipped right to their front door;" without the daily hassle of finding parking close to the door, dealing with the weather, dealing with traffic problems, standing in long lines, and finding someone to help you with a product that you are trying to get information on.  CMS Enterprise Connect was established to eliminate some if not all of these problems.


Of course, we realize that you have many choices of online stores or retail stores in your area(s) to choose from, but our "Customer First" philosophy is our way of letting you know that we will continue with our effort to treat you; the customer 100% above and beyond any ordinary means.  Our obligation for us here at CMS Enterprise Connect is to demonstrate you are unique and a valuable customer to us. 

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